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Legeris for SharePoint documentation is provided within the download or can be downloaded from here now.

When you run the Legeris CodePlex Downloader (this project) you have the option of providing your email address; this is so we can email the keys required for Legeris installation (see our privacy policy here). The Legeris software is free to use for the features described in this projects home page and the email address will be used to send you an annual renewal key and to keep you updated on bug fixes and new features.

Legeris installation is fully automated using a supplied PowerShell script, the quick installation guide can be viewed here. If you need fuller details of the installation process download the Full User, Installation and Configuration Guide from here and read the section Lēgeris Installation and Service Application Configuration.

If you have any questions please check out the FAQ's at before posting them in the issues section of this project. Please post any issues you do have at

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