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Legeris for SharePoint - CodePlex download

This project provides access to download Legeris for SharePoint for its free to use functionality. Legeris has been developed to support real world SharePoint document management projects by offering facilities that either improve SharePoint or are not provided by SharePoint out of the box.  These facilities are:

  • Centralized management within a single site collection of email based alerts for new and updated documents (policies, procedures etc.) to ensure employees have read and understood what they and your business are reliant on. 
  • Emails are customizable HTML templates and support substitution of user information and column information for the document being alerted
  • Documents can be targeted by library, content type, site, or individually.
  • Emails are addressed using SharePoint Groups, AD Distribution or Security groups; even individual user's
  • Audit trail to help meet company compliance requirements

In addition, Legeris extends the SharePoint Survey so that questions of type text can be marked using pre-configured answers then tested by underlying CAML Queries allowing you to ensure users have read and understood important company documents.

Full documentation is available for download here and here's some screen shots of the features described above

Email template:

Email template

Alerting options:

Notification options

Configuring question answers in a Survey:

Configuring Survey Answers

Setting Survey Question Answer

 Reporting web parts:

Reporting web parts

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